Sunday, December 29, 2013

new year

The year 2013 is quietly fading away. Only a few days remain before the New Year is heralded in with varying enthusiasm. I’ve enjoyed 2013. It has been a good year. I am curious what the New Year will bring. Will it alter greatly from the previous one? There is no way to know. I am wary and therefore detect some trepidation.

This blog is coming to an end. Only one more post to go before I call it quits. It has been an interesting experience and I’m glad I undertook it. Now I am ready for new experiences. My birthday just passed and I look at the oncoming years with a different sense of anticipation. I sense that I am capable of creating anything. I am limited only by my body’s limitations which are increasing each year. I sleep more, tire sooner and see with more difficulty. I could curse these limitations, but what’s the point? Better to accept them and work around them.

So what do I want to try in the New Year? Well more of the same of course. I’m still working on my book which is slowly becoming something I can be proud of. Or at least not be embarrassed of. Now that my foot is healed I plan to walk more. However mostly I want to experiment with my drawing, create more complex pictures and work at my skills so my confidence grows. That isn’t just a year’s plan but a lifetime one. After all, one never knows if a life may extend ten years or a day. So I’ll take it each day, filling each one with the goals of a lifetime.

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