Sunday, December 1, 2013

montrous diversions

Every student finds a period when they burn out. I don’t know if there is any way to get around it. The hamster wheel keeps spinning, by your own actions, and then suddenly one goes,”Oh, I’m tired.”
I hit that point, that wall, that heavy stone block. So like a typical student I caught up on sleep and looked for diversion.
I found it last week with the most frustrating board game I’ve ever played. The Horror of Arkham is a role playing game with a confusing and complicated set of rules. The game was purchased on an impulse, I will not deny it, because it could be played by one person or eight. I liked the idea that if we wanted to we could play it alone. Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to play a board game and can’t due to lack of players. Slowly but surely my son and I are learning to traverse the zones, move about monsters and battle them with success. In the meantime it is baffling.

However I do enjoy this frustrating menace. It is a cooperative game. Players are not pitted against each other but the board. We work together to thwart the monsters. We help each other do battle. I like that.

The board has consumed my dining room table all week. It comes down today to make way for Christmas decorating. In the meantime we converse around it like true dungeon and dragon geeks. The change in language has been a bit of a holiday. Instead of thinking about composition, copy and pastel chalk, I’ve been wondering about what to do with Sister Mary’s lowering sanity level due to monsters breaking through gate portals and a Doctor lost among space and time.

I did some art study but on a very small scale: thumbnail compositions of squiggles and blocks. Art is never very far away.

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