Sunday, December 22, 2013

merry christmas, joyful soltice

I caught a cold.

My decreased energy levels were not just due to a demanding holiday season but because of some tiny virus playing havoc with my sinuses. Glands sore, nasal passages dripping, it did not bode well on the possibility of art and craft being accomplished. This is turned out okay. Books were welcome, as well as cups of tea, honey with whiskey, and besides, art is an annex to life and not the driving purpose of it. At least that is what I’ve read. I think it was a theory touted by Stephen King.

At this point the effects of the cold are dissipating. It has been a busy week at the workplace and so I would crawl home and into bed. Only in the last few days have I bothered to venture into my art room again. Not to draw and sketch but to make art of a different kind.

Years ago I used to decorate chicken eggs. The kids were small and we didn’t have much money but I liked fancy Christmas ornaments. So I made my own using chicken eggs. I did this for several years and made several eggs. Many I gave away. This year, since circumstances are not so very different from all those years ago, I am giving some away. To keep my stress level down I am giving away some older ones from my collection rather than making new ones. I also thought it was a good way to practice non-attachment: to give away something that has developed a sentimental value. I will make some more to take their place but I do not need to hurry. These are for me; I can relax and have fun over the coming days of vacation.

Soon it’ll be Christmas. The gift giving, sharing and socializing has already started. I hope that for anyone reading this blog that your holidays are full of good things such as memories, food and experiences and also much joy.

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  1. I am so glad I had a few extra moments to visit. These are absolutely exquisite, Marianne. So intricate and lovely. I am sure those who were lucky enough to be recipients of these wonders will treasure them.