Sunday, December 15, 2013


At night, energy levels are low at this time of year. The dark days and busy Christmas season demands much. So much happens during the day there is little desire to repeat the same frantic pace at night. I’ve done a little sketching but much procrastinating, reading, listening to music and sleeping-especially sleeping.

I promised myself I would write 52 posts for this blog and then take a break. Perhaps quit this blog or start another one. I still don’t know. However the time of year is also one of reflection and I am pleased for having attempted this blog to begin with. While it did not evolve into what I hoped it would evolve to, which is something really interesting, the blog has been an excellent chronicle of my journey. Perhaps that is all it needed to be.

Writing the blog has made me a little more daring-more willing to take risks. I’ve tried things I’ve never tried before. My artwork has grown because of it. My art has also become brighter, less angry and that is rather nice too. I look at the header that tops this blog and yes I have made an investment in myself. As the New Year approaches I wonder what the next investment should be.

It will involve words and it will involve pencils, paints and paper. That I do know. The rest will reveal itself over time.

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  1. I do hope you'll continue, Marianne. You have so much talent. How much you accomplish given the fact you work full-time just stuns me. Here's hoping you'll have a little time to recharge and will be ready to jump back into the fray feet first.