Sunday, November 24, 2013

wet coast dilettante art academy

I’m proud and honoured to report that the Wet Coast Dilettante Art Academy is now in full swing with a student population consisting of one. The course of instruction is satisfying.In addition I found a book on composition to add to my collection, and so I have several drawing activities, pastel, composition and anatomy to round out my curriculum. My instructors are very patient, quiet and understanding. What more could a student ask for?

I plan my days ahead so when I come home from work I do not have to think about what I’ll do next. It is already designated for me. One day I work on pastels, composition and contour drawing. Another day I may do gesture, blocking and copying. This planning comes naturally since I plan my meals to cook much the same way. I always know a week ahead of time what I’m going to eat so I can plan groceries and not have to think too hard when I get home from work about what to cook. That way I can save my brain power for other things like drawing and painting. I still need to get more organized regarding cleaning.That would help a lot.

In the mornings before work I write stones, work on this blog and also my book. The book I work on while having breakfast. Little by little it is coming together. The entire story is written down; I’ve edited it once and am now editing it again. It will probably require a few more editing sessions before it is ready to show anyone. I don’t know how long it will take, the progress is slow, but I try not to miss a day. So I’ve made it a habit to work on a few paragraphs while having breakfast and bit by bit it takes shape and evolves.

On Wednesday I took a small field trip to The University to watch the documentary Portrait of Resistance. The documentary follows the careers of two photographers who create visual tableaus intent on political and social change. Some of the work bothered me but not for the right reason. It seemed to me that the concerns they were pointing out deflected attention away from even harsher realities.While I did not admire all their work, I did admire their passion for the craft and the use of old masters as a composition starting point. When they did so their work took on a visual power which was lacking previously. It has made me even more convinced to study the techniques of the masters to enable my own creativity.

Since much of what I did this week was exercises and one badly distorted master copy, I don’t have anything to show for it. However I also took snaps to learn how to take good reference photos, so I’ll exit this post with one of those. The composition is clumsy, but like my badly distorted master copy, I'll get there yet.

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