Sunday, October 27, 2013


People of Stone is complete. 

This has been the most complicated project I’ve worked on to date. It took a while to complete the book and now it is done I have become strangely empty. I’m glad it is completed and I can start new projects, but since it took up many an evening for weeks it seems strange not having to do any more portraits. I have the urge to start all over again…but I won’t.

I need a bit of a breather so I’ve been doodling but in a different way than I’ve doodled in the past. I was shown a clip of a doodle beginning with the word love. 

The idea seemed pretty cool so I tried doing some of my own:

I was pretty content with the first one so I tried again using the phrase Happy Birthday Mom. I like the idea of a hidden message such as the word love in the video above.

I wasn't quite happy with the first so I tried again and this time the design felt more successful.

The design will be glued onto a blank card with the tracing paper showing where the message is inserted inside.

These little designs are a great way to relax but also work on pen handling skills. The more work I do like this the better my line work becomes.

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