Sunday, October 20, 2013

shower tunes

All twenty portraits are done for my accordion book. Now I need to put it together. This has been a fun project which I did not expect to do. It just kind of grew. If I’d planned it I might have chosen other colours and a different size format. I used what I had on hand. So it may be in time that I tackle another of these when I feel so disposed. One perhaps with softer colours, more carefully chosen stones and better photos to start with; I’m happy though with the results.

I mentioned before that I would post before and after pictures from my art journal. Well here is a picture of a watercolour wash in my journal before play:

And here is a picture of what I did with it:

This is not meant to be great art or even art at all. These are glorified doodles, giving my imagination permission to be goofy.

I doubt that I would use these sketches for further work but that’s okay. Not all songs are meant for the concert hall. Some are quite content to be sung in the shower.

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