Sunday, October 13, 2013

judgement and perception

Much of this week was a repeat of last week except less to show for it because I went out two nights in a row. One to do laundry and another to visit a friend’s opening. The washing machine was broken in our building so I borrowed my mother’s. Rodney’s work I’ve talked about before in a much earlier post.I did finish a number of portraits and only have three more to go.
An autumn showcase of artists occurred the same night as Rodney’s opening and I found it interesting because it was a juried show. I’ve discovered this is something I do not want to do: have my work juried. The judges don’t know what I am trying to say or what is in my head. They look to rules and I prefer to break or bend them. I do not always like finished edges. I cannot afford expensive frames. These judgement calls I find irritating even though they are meant as constructive criticism. When my work is finished, it is finished. If it accomplishes what I want it to do at that moment then it is good. If it is not quite there yet, and only I can judge that because I’m working out an idea in my head, then I move onto the next.

My time mandalas are works not quite there yet, but each creative process brings me closer. One day I’ll nail it. I keep learning and experimenting and no judge is able to help me find the answers I seek. However mandalas are not my focus right now since I still have the portfolio book to finish. I’ve struggled with how to create the bookends. I think I found the answer. I picked up two small canvases from the dollar store. These will be texturized, brushed on with pastels, and the book title placed in front. The accordion pages glued inside. This has been a great project, but I will be happy when this work is done. Then I’ll move onto the next project, and I foresee a mandala.

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