Sunday, October 6, 2013

days of rain

Most of my quiet hours have been taken up with doing portraits of my friends. After dinner I put on some music in my little art room, pick up my pens and go to it.
 I’ve gotten a few more done and now plan to stitch the portraits together to create an accordion type book. I’m looking forward to this next stage, of transforming the pictures into a book, but I am in no hurry.

Fall has most definitely settled in. The days and nights are cooler and darker. Rain, once was rare now occurs regularly. Sunshine is becoming exceedingly rare. Whether this has set the tone for my journal pages I’m not sure, but they have the atmosphere of rain soaked autumn.

I’m really happy of the process of using the splatters and scribbles painted on the page as a start for my drawings. I forgot to do a before and after photos this time around but I’ll do it next time.

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