Sunday, October 27, 2013


People of Stone is complete. 

This has been the most complicated project I’ve worked on to date. It took a while to complete the book and now it is done I have become strangely empty. I’m glad it is completed and I can start new projects, but since it took up many an evening for weeks it seems strange not having to do any more portraits. I have the urge to start all over again…but I won’t.

I need a bit of a breather so I’ve been doodling but in a different way than I’ve doodled in the past. I was shown a clip of a doodle beginning with the word love. 

The idea seemed pretty cool so I tried doing some of my own:

I was pretty content with the first one so I tried again using the phrase Happy Birthday Mom. I like the idea of a hidden message such as the word love in the video above.

I wasn't quite happy with the first so I tried again and this time the design felt more successful.

The design will be glued onto a blank card with the tracing paper showing where the message is inserted inside.

These little designs are a great way to relax but also work on pen handling skills. The more work I do like this the better my line work becomes.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

shower tunes

All twenty portraits are done for my accordion book. Now I need to put it together. This has been a fun project which I did not expect to do. It just kind of grew. If I’d planned it I might have chosen other colours and a different size format. I used what I had on hand. So it may be in time that I tackle another of these when I feel so disposed. One perhaps with softer colours, more carefully chosen stones and better photos to start with; I’m happy though with the results.

I mentioned before that I would post before and after pictures from my art journal. Well here is a picture of a watercolour wash in my journal before play:

And here is a picture of what I did with it:

This is not meant to be great art or even art at all. These are glorified doodles, giving my imagination permission to be goofy.

I doubt that I would use these sketches for further work but that’s okay. Not all songs are meant for the concert hall. Some are quite content to be sung in the shower.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

judgement and perception

Much of this week was a repeat of last week except less to show for it because I went out two nights in a row. One to do laundry and another to visit a friend’s opening. The washing machine was broken in our building so I borrowed my mother’s. Rodney’s work I’ve talked about before in a much earlier post.I did finish a number of portraits and only have three more to go.
An autumn showcase of artists occurred the same night as Rodney’s opening and I found it interesting because it was a juried show. I’ve discovered this is something I do not want to do: have my work juried. The judges don’t know what I am trying to say or what is in my head. They look to rules and I prefer to break or bend them. I do not always like finished edges. I cannot afford expensive frames. These judgement calls I find irritating even though they are meant as constructive criticism. When my work is finished, it is finished. If it accomplishes what I want it to do at that moment then it is good. If it is not quite there yet, and only I can judge that because I’m working out an idea in my head, then I move onto the next.

My time mandalas are works not quite there yet, but each creative process brings me closer. One day I’ll nail it. I keep learning and experimenting and no judge is able to help me find the answers I seek. However mandalas are not my focus right now since I still have the portfolio book to finish. I’ve struggled with how to create the bookends. I think I found the answer. I picked up two small canvases from the dollar store. These will be texturized, brushed on with pastels, and the book title placed in front. The accordion pages glued inside. This has been a great project, but I will be happy when this work is done. Then I’ll move onto the next project, and I foresee a mandala.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

days of rain

Most of my quiet hours have been taken up with doing portraits of my friends. After dinner I put on some music in my little art room, pick up my pens and go to it.
 I’ve gotten a few more done and now plan to stitch the portraits together to create an accordion type book. I’m looking forward to this next stage, of transforming the pictures into a book, but I am in no hurry.

Fall has most definitely settled in. The days and nights are cooler and darker. Rain, once was rare now occurs regularly. Sunshine is becoming exceedingly rare. Whether this has set the tone for my journal pages I’m not sure, but they have the atmosphere of rain soaked autumn.

I’m really happy of the process of using the splatters and scribbles painted on the page as a start for my drawings. I forgot to do a before and after photos this time around but I’ll do it next time.