Sunday, September 22, 2013

in the future, not now

It has been a busy week. I painted and framed two mandalas that I plan to put up for sale in November.

 This will be the first time I place my work on sale and it is quite thrilling. First they need to be deemed worthy by the gallery whose tastes I really don’t know so my thrills may be slightly premature. Wait and see. I view this as a learning experience. I don’t expect success the first time out the gate and it isn’t a race anyways. At least it shouldn’t be. There is still so much to learn.

However I have not stopped there.

 I painted yet three more mandalas but now the mandala making mood has stopped. The first two were quite successful but the third is rather odd. 
Halloween Cabbage Mandala. orange, green and purple with black lines. What was I thinking?

It appears like a Halloween cabbage mandala. There is no freshness to it and I can almost smell the cabbage cooking. I don’t dislike this odd looking mandala but it does look crude and simplistic to my eyes and so I will move on to something else for the time being. I’ve accomplished my goal of having three mandalas for framing and even have a fourth so there is no reason not to try something different.

So I am back to portraits. Really I need to try a landscape sometime soon. This is something to think about, but in the future, not now.

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