Sunday, September 29, 2013

friends and material things

After getting the mandalas finished and framed I wanted to do something different. The mandalas require painstaking attention. I went back to making collages. There is something about ripping and tearing paper that is very satisfying. I didn’t plan to do collages. I planned to do some more shadow studies on tracing paper. The collages grew from there. Then it grew into a project.

I’ve been drawing my friends whom I know only through words and pictures from my stone group. I look for a photo of them that interests me and then look for a stone they’ve written to add to it. I’ve completed four. I have many more to go. This is a fun project since by drawing them I feel like I am getting to know them a bit better. When all done I may stitch them into a book.

That has been taking up most of my time, but I also began an art journal.

This is a project I’ve wanted to do for a while, I bought a journal months ago, but couldn’t get started. Looking at white pages is not very inspiring. I received some advice to pre-treat the pages so that they are not perfect. So I’ve done that and it seems to help. I cannot abide a pristine canvas either before I start painting, so it may be one of my quirks. 

Funny really, because when I do a mandala i
t is just the opposite. I go out of my way not to smudge anything. Anyways, the pre-painted pages act like a sort of writing and painting prompt and it is much easier to get going. If you’re stuck with your journal writing give it a try.

My hope is that keeping a journal in which I jot down ideas quickly will loosen up my work a bit. I think it may. Just like my doodle books I noticed a change early on.   

(The latter two photos when loaded in came out at an angle. Don't know why and there is no way to rotate them. Just another one of those things that has me scratching my head.)

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