Sunday, August 4, 2013

stale mates

I’ve come to a bit of a stall. Not such a bad thing, I like to think, just a bit of a stay on a small sloop with no wind to fill the sails. In the meantime do a bit of reading, some repair work onboard, drift and wait for the creative winds to change.

My writing has been a bit stagnant lately which is frustrating, but it is a painting that is leaving me perplexed. The painting is to be a cruise ship. For some reason I don’t want to paint that stupid ship. I’ve laid out the sea and the sky but don’t want to touch the ship. I don’t know why.

Now I’ve shown you before this cruise ship. I was eager to try and paint it. 

Now I can’t, and I do not want to mark another canvas until this one is done in some way. I can be as obstinate as the wind which will not fill the sails.

I don’t mind this stall except when you’re writing a blog and there is nothing to write about it can be really discouraging. Interesting word discourage. It has courage in it. Ever notice that?

So perhaps the best way not to be discouraged is to show a little courage and paint the damn boat.

Stalls are for horse’s behinds. I’m going sailing.

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