Sunday, August 25, 2013

pure joy

Finally, and happily, the stall is over. I am in my art room again joyfully putting together bad art. I like it. That is all that matters. No good art is created without doing some really bad art first.

Frustrated by my lack of inspiration these past weeks, I turned to a children’s art book purchased many years ago: The Usborne Book of Art Skills by Fiona Watt. 
Inside is a simple project using torn tissue paper for collage and it motivated me. For the first time in weeks I felt the heart-pull to create, experiment and try. So I did. I’m pleased with the results.

The first work I made followed the example pretty close to instruction.

 Afterwards I took off on my own. My inspiration was a series of portraits on newsprint I did in the past, plus an exercise to learn contour and shadow.

Recently my son took some photos of my Mother that I really like because they capture her marvelous eyes.So I used her as my model. I was ripping up newspaper and found some crossword puzzles she completed (I do not buy the paper. I take my parents' old copies.). She daily does the crosswords in the paper. Mom is losing her eyesight and so to draw just her eyes using the finished crosswords as background contains potent meaning for me.

I also like that I’m using a model in her eighties. This is so cool! I prefer to use older models. Who says a muse need be young? The elderly have a lifetime of stories in their eyes, bodies and hearts.(Oddly enough the short stories I'm currently working on are about four people close to or past retirement age.The stories are not devoid of young people. They just are not the stars.)

So I’ll play with torn paper a bit more, see what results and move on. I’m experimenting with some of my doodles as well. Play is the key word. It must feel like play to be worthwhile,and this does in the most wonderful and satisfying way. It may be unpolished art but the results are satisfying. Polish will come with enough spit sometime later.Too busy with the pure joy of creating to worry about spit.

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  1. So glad you're finding your way back, Marianne. Enjoying your new offerings.