Saturday, July 6, 2013

second chances

I recently finished writing the first draft of a short story and am currently in the process of editing it. Editing is a slow and laborious process. I can’t say I don’t like it, rather nice to revisit the characters you’ve been introduced to and be able to clarify their personalities, but sometimes I look at what I wrote and cringe. There is bad writing and then there is really bad writing and my writing can be really, really bad.

Yet the beauty of rewriting is that you can make it better. There is no hurry. I have no deadline. I can take my time and sharpen the details and smooth out the wording. I can bury the clichés and hope they do not rise from their graces like zombies (Spell check chose the word graces. I chose graves but I kept it to avoid another cliché.). It is an ongoing process that I’m not sure I’ll ever get right.

Making a drawing is much the same. I’d wanted to do a mandala for a while with a time concept. Didn’t know where to start so I just started drawing. It looked a bit like a watch face so around the perimeter I placed numbers from ancient systems where the 12, 3, 6 and 9 would be. The symbols correspond accordingly. The time hands remind me of maple keys and aircraft wings so I have that theme of time flying but also how patterns in nature and manmade objects correlate. Time is a manmade concept but it exists in nature with the passing of seasons which is a natural phenomenon.

I wasn’t too happy with my first attempt so I tried another. The river current was traded with ocean waves which I like better because of how waves are influenced by the moon. This one looks a little cleaner in execution but I’m still not entirely happy with it.

Creating art is a process which I’m not sure I’ll ever get right. That’s just the way it is and in truth I wouldn’t want it any other way. If I was able to achieve perfection then there would be no motivation to explore, try new things or experiment. Thank goodness for second chances to make something better. I am looking forward to my third, fourth and fifth.

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