Sunday, June 2, 2013

writing blitz

After the drawing blitz done last week and a bit I packed up the pencils. Not for good, I could never do that, but to lift up my head from the drawing board, do some writing and gain some inspiration. I ping pong between writing and drawing. Writing time allows me to get some housework done as well which is also good. Drawing is nice but living in squalor isn’t.When I draw nothing else gets done around here so the dishes pile up. So this past week I turned my attention toward writing practice learning about plot and character development with the goal of one day writing a short story.I also did dishes.

About a year ago one of the bookstores near me was selling a copy of The Making of a Story by Alice LaPlante for five bucks. New hard cover book on writing for five bucks? That was too good to resist. It is an educational read. The book is full of excellent advice and includes wonderful stories as example. Some of those stories changed my thinking for ever such as John Sack’s Inside the Bunker; a story on awareness, empathy and the intricacies of rhetoric written by a Jewish reporter visiting and speaking at a Holocaust denier convention.(The beauty of Google is that one can access alternate opinions and alternate views on the article.) I don’t know if LaPlante’s book is available online for sale but if you come across it I recommend it.

Sack’s article reminded me of a piece I wrote some months ago:

Slipping the dinner bun to his pocket,

the elderly man grabs my arm.

“Waste not, want not,” he states

gently letting go,

“We went through the war in England you know.”

He utters this while leaving

with a measured smile

slightly shuffling,

shoulders warped by time

I smile too

Contentment rippling through my belly

that an old English gentleman

deprived during war time

appreciates a leftover bun

from a German coffee shop 
baked in Canada

kept in his pocket.

I still do my daily writing in the morning. One early rising the bird calls were especially exuberant. What were those birds talking about? Were they having intelligent conversations or was it endless avian chattering reminiscent of cell phone banter?

 “Yes, I am in the Japanese Maple left of the Blue Spruce. I’ll be flying to the shaggy Willow next. Meet me there? “

“I just ate six worms for breakfast. Sorry! I know. I should have sent a picture. Me bad. “

“I really need some new feathers.”

“Tell me about it. He’s after all the birds in the neighbourhood.”

“The orange cat got her last week. Yes! So sad, but really she should have kept in better shape.”

“I’ll be so glad when the kids fly from the nest. Nothing but Mom this, Mom that.”

“Guess who just texted me?”

“Dude! I nailed those airstreams.”

“You up to dive bombing some squirrels?”

“Check out the new chicks on the block. Hey, I still got it.”

“Had way too many berries Saturday night. Feel like shit.”

“That hawk thought he had me but I smoked him. So stoked.” 

Its possible.

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  1. The drawing on your banner is astounding. That baby's face is so beautiful, and serenity shines in the woman's face. I love your work!