Sunday, June 16, 2013

creative intent

I love synchronicity. I love when after voicing an idea that same idea seems to be in other people’s thoughts too. Last week I queried about the intelligence of the Universe. I wondered if the Universe created like I do a short story; only having a vague idea of how the story is going to go and what type of characters reside within it. In other words, the universe having a vague intent, going through the process but being uncertain about the final product. I prefer the word Universe to God because to me it encompasses all energy and matter and is limitless. The word God carries with it too many social and cultural expectations and prejudices and I want to avoid that as much as possible. Everyone seems to have preconceived ideas about what God is. I want to broaden my expectations and remain limitless.

The other day I came across a video talking about grand design and intent. As to whether the Universe had a purpose. The video has been around for a while and I had seen it before, but it struck me as funny that the video came up again just as I queried the same thing. Also this time I had a definite reaction to it whereas last time I shrugged it off.Neil DeGrasse Tyson suggests it is highly unlikely that the Universe has a purpose since we lack empirical evidence to the contrary and uses mathematics to justify is point. 
More specifically he uses probabilities.I am highly amused by this tactic. Yes the odds seem high against an intent, but Tyson's thinking seems very human-centric (if there is such a word) and oddly narrow when regarding the nature of the question.

There is a saying “How can we know the mind of God?” I think this can just as easily be stated “How can we know the nature of the Universe?” We can’t. Yet we have used physics, math and geometry to help explain some of the past puzzles and continue to use it to explain the present ones.So I will try to use math in a similiar manner.
If we think of the process of the Universe on one side of the equation and intent being on the other it could look something like this:

Process of the Universe = Intent

We don’t fully know the processes nor the intent but all mathematical equations tend to want to resolve some intent. It is the steps in the process we don’t know, we may never know, but would like to learn.

Now I am no Scientist and I suck at math. (It fascinates me but I suck at it.) Yet I’ve often seen examples showing huge equations with brackets and more brackets with little steps and processes going on inside them that must be calculated first before going onto the next.I've done smaller ones and they hurt my brain. The process has a logic. I am familiar with this logic I just get lost among the steps. To explain the connection between a math equation and the processes of time and universe, think of the period of dinosaurs being one step in the calculations and Humanity’s time on earth is just another step in the calculations. Then it makes more sense. These time periods are just mathematical procedures within brackets that are part of a bigger formula. We can’t see the formula because all we can see is within the confines of our bracket or brackets. All these little procedures are necessary calculations that need to be made before the final intent can be realized.

"We're missing some data."

What is the final intent? My guess is as good as yours. My guess is survival. I’m in awe of natural selection. Over time calculations have been made to give species the greatest chance of survival. Over time some have been canceled out. We humans will eventually be cancelled out too I assume. The need for survival has created some ingenious adaptations that show obvious intent.

Some time ago I watched a video of a fish that has the ability to change it appearance instantaneously. It will look one way to demonstrate camaraderie and another to show aggression. If it is presented with a friend on one side and a foe on the other, it can divide its appearance exactly in half: friendly on one side, fierce on the other. To me this shows an intelligence that goes beyond natural selection. Natural selection easily explains bigger bills, longer necks and wider feet but dividing appearance in half shows intent for survival.

So it seems to me the goal of the Universe is to survive. Which seems strange because we as humans seem to be doing all we can to destroy it. All part of some bigger equation perhaps. To balance out operations in other parts of the galaxies? Who can know the mind of the Universe? We think like humans.

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