Sunday, June 23, 2013

a night of shrink art

On a warm and dry Saturday evening MAKE studio opened the one night showing of Shrink art in the gallery.

About three weeks previously, MAKE Studio put the word out
for artists to submit small works of art for a one night showing: nothing should be larger than six inches in diameter. The response was enthusiastic, and about forty local artists submitted their works for display and sale.
paula bellgens

An eclectic mix of style and media were the result, and Yvonne, Bobbi Sue and Michelle from MAKE placed the artwork about the space with care and consideration. The gallery is small and soon overwhelmed. The call-out for small works was a wise choice, and quite possibly the only way to show forty diverse artists in such a confined space.
amy falkenberg

jessica molcan
The artworks were affordable and relatively inexpensive as well, which was a blessing for those in attendance wanting to buy. Prices ranged from ten to eighty dollars. (I did not buy. The piece I wanted sold before I could claim it but I understand it went to a good home so I'm happy) 
rodney corraini
The small digs got a bit cramped at times but did not dampen the mood. The energy flowed as smoothly as the wine and conversations. It was a chance to meet some old friends and make new acquaintances.This was the first time showing of work for a few artists.
Overheard was the remark that Nanaimo needs more of these events showcasing local work. A worthy comment but as with all events it takes organizers up to the challenge; it takes effort to pull together such a show within a short time frame. I hope for Nanaimo that the debut event will also not be the last. New ventures are always a learning experience, and kudos must be given to Yvonne, Bobbi Sue and Michelle for showing initiative and providing a venue. We as a community are richer for it.

Make Studio, 55 Victoria Rd. Nanaimo BC

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