Saturday, May 11, 2013

more mandala making

I took the pebble I found a while back and using it as a starting point created a few more mandalas. Visually these are not as successful as my earlier attempts but I still like them. Whereas the last mandalas I made were focussed on patterns here on earth, I found with these mandalas I thought of the patterns found in the universe: the flow of gases, the clustering of stars and the movement of planets.

Why the shift I do not know, it could be the book on mathematics I’m currently reading, but spiritually these mandalas are a little more satisfying.

They have made me more curious about the broader patterns that cannot be easily seen: the ones that reside behind the clouds or require the patience of night.

My final mandala went into a different direction and appears to be of the body. I see lungs, brains, blood cells in shapes formed from a scallop shell and representative of tree roots and eggs.

I used a different shaped stone for my beginning point and a scallop shell for the first circular shape.
When I finished it I had a feeling of completion. I’ve drawn earth, sky and body in enough mandalas for now to have no urge to do more. Yet who knows what the future holds? This second set was undertaken sooner than I expected. I didn’t plan to draw more mandalas till the end of summer. Finding the little stone shaped like a sunflower seed set me off in mandala mode again.

A book on mathematics I’m reading at the moment will surely influence my mandala making efforts in the future. There are already math elements inherent in mandala making. In the meantime I will let my artsy fartsy ideas perk, drip and blurp like good medium roast coffee. Like my favourite coffee, I want art that’s pungent, powerful, packs a punch and potent enough to keep me awake. (Dark roast creates art that leaves me a little jittery and loaded with heartburn. I leave espresso art to someone else altogether.) Strange that I plan to create art with an affinity to coffee by reading a book on mathematics I use to put me to sleep. Perhaps a lesson there?

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