Sunday, May 26, 2013

bits and baubles

On Sunday we drove to the Cedar Farm market. There are a number of different Farmer’s markets but this one is a favourite due to its location in the countryside.  The weather was beautiful and the stalls plentiful. In one spot stood a stall of hats made by a woman calling herself "The Bag Lady."
After looking at her varied hats I warned her that I have a big head and often have a hard time finding hats that fit (This includes bicycle helmets and hard hats.) She told me not to worry, she made many different sizes, the fabric had a great deal of flex and there would be a style to suit me. She was quite obliging and pulled many different hats from her bins. They all squeezed my scalp.

"You have a big head" she said.

There was no point in saying I told you so.

Persistence paid off and eventually one I tried on fitted beautifully. I happily purchased it.

There was no point in her saying I told you so.

I was so impressed by her wares and her personality that I want to give her a little plug. The Bag Lady tours various market locations around the island so be on the lookout and check out her hats and bags:

Tuesday evening-Ladysmith

Wednesday 9 to 4-Chemainus

Thursday evening-Sidney

Saturday 9 to 2-Duncan

Sunday 10 to 2-Cedar

For more information contact Linda at She does home parties as well.

Sunday was a nice break away from work, chores and even art. I’ve been busy making art cards again but this batch is different than the ones based on my doodles. I copied well known art works onto 4 x 6 pieces of watercolour paper. Since the scale is so small I just copied sections of artworks to study the use of colour. I find copying is the best way for me to learn. It may not work for everyone but it certainly works for me.

Each card takes about an evening to do. I first do a sketch, block in with watercolour pencils and then deepen the values with pencil crayon. Some have ink added if they seem a little flat or the detail gets lost. Certain cards turned out better than others but the concentrated study really benefited me. I could read about technique all I want but nothing takes the place of practice. 

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