Sunday, March 10, 2013

stone's throw

I tossed a pebble in a pond
It did not cause much of a ripple

But I wondered
After it fell

Did it stir up much muck?

And when it touched bottom

Was it the lone stone
Among grains of sand
Or did it join others

To become a spawning ground.

The really, really good thing about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is that it introduces you to new ideas.  Since you’re not looking for new ideas, busy doing other things, they hit you over the head like a beer can at an open air concert. (Not that I'm an expert on open air concerts or beer cans but it seemed like a good analogy.) Pushing me out of my comfy space last week by posting on a possible festival event led to some new creative endeavors. For the post I felt I needed to add some sketches of possible hat ideas. I must admit they weren’t very good but they were the best I could come up with at the time.I wish I had come up with the following one last week:
This so much more captures the mood I was going for.
As a result I got away from doing doodles and shifted more towards sketching.If the following look like they came from a National Geographic magazine well that's because they did.

At first I was going to add colour to them but I found I rather like them as they are. I planned to do one a day but plans change. Instead I wrote more. The poem at the top is a reflection on putting the festival idea out there and the little haiku below is an observance of Spring. When I think about it they both deal with growth. The growth one can see and the growth that is hidden but a stone’s throw away.

bare branch fingers stretch
dead lightning through ashen skies
small spring buds catch light

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