Sunday, March 31, 2013

celebration of rebirth

It is Easter and a time of rebirth and resurrection. Rebirth has a little different meaning in my household since my son is a Walking Dead fan. For centuries rebirth meant a rising of the phoenix sort of event coming anew all bright and shiny. In my home rebirth has a mangier feel. Zombies are not pretty, and corpses a few days old probably are a bit ripe. Whenever I think of the Christian resurrection story I am grateful that the original tale predates those of zombie apocalypses. Does it say anything about our current culture’s obsession with zombies that rebirth is now translated as undead? Rebirth is spiritual. Undead is rather soulless.

Somewhere along the line, spiritually and in other matters, I became what many describe as a new age person. I suppose it was inevitable. I like granola. I like yogurt. I like the two together mostly. This isn’t terribly shocking since many people like granola and yogurt and do yoga. Yes, I do yoga too.I jumped the invisible barrier when I started doing oil pulls and drinking milk with turmeric to beat down inflammation. Strange that these are considered New Age when they are practices hundreds of years old. I still don’t draw mandalas however, though I have been considering it or meditate very well. I do not burn sweet grass but I do have a singing bowl. I like my singing bowl. Its restful. 

I remember a time when all these things seemed strange and suspect. Like wearing sandals meant for walking. Like, what’s up with that? Putting honey in tea was also considered weird. Tea came pretty much limited to black and maybe contained milk or sugar. Spiritual practices were rather like black tea or Model T Fords which also only came in black. Your choices were Protestant or Catholic and anything else was considered suspect. Buddhism was as exotic as the green tea available only in Chinese restaurants on the outskirts of town.

Thankfully times have changed and my personal and spiritual practices are perhaps a perfect reflection of that change. They are a mish-mash of various cultures and beliefs including a few observations and epiphanies of my own. I am grateful of this variety. I learn from others and with new knowledge gain some wisdom and become reborn. I find this the best way for me to keep from being undead. I've become rather fond of my soul.Joy to all of you who have found your own ways for staying undead. Happy Easter.

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