Sunday, February 3, 2013

little things

Bit of a crazy week and I didn’t get much done in terms of writing or drawing. Most nights I just fell asleep after dinner.

I finished the small stone challenge at the end of January which was to do a little piece of observational writing each day. Managed for a whole month and then flop! I haven’t been able to write. I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. I completed the month long challenge and should be happy with that.

Small stones gave me the courage to start a blog. So far it seems to be mostly about art because that is the other thing I really like to do. So now I’m thinking about my next step. I figured that my artwork needed to get larger and more complex. I really would like to work on big canvases and with oil but that just isn’t practical. I just don’t have the room or the money for big canvases or tubes of paint. The mail art card I did and discussed in a previous post showed me how much can be accomplished on a very small scale. 

Mail art card from previous post.

I’ve been experimenting with art cards but not terribly happy with the results. The cards look goofy and a bit boring.

 I think I would do better if I developed some of my doodles. Writing about my doodles last week in this blog made me aware that I want to do something more substantial with them. They would make lovely little greeting cards. I also want to use some of the small stones I’ve done. For the next while I’m going to think very little—so to speak.

My doodles

I don’t need a lot of room to make art cards and I can work on several projects simultaneously. It is practical and makes far more financial sense. In addition, working on small art cards is cheap. I use whatever materials I have on hand. So I learn to make do with what I have and develop my skills by working small.

If the work days are less hectic that is, and I don’t fall asleep in the evenings instead.

Near where I live is a hardware store that often posts some little saying or other on an outdoor board. I don’t know who the creator of these messages is, or where they get their ideas, but I do think the postings are marvellous.

I think I would be Gouda. The city famous for its cheese is near where my Dad was born, and besides, it has a slightly nutty flavour. That probably reflects my personality quite well.

I’ve aged well
Like good Gouda

There. I wrote my small stone. My week is complete.

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