Sunday, February 24, 2013

a sense of place

This is my seventh posting. It feels like a big accomplishment inside even if to the outside world the achievement appears tiny. The journey began with no bearing and now, slowly, a bearing is forming. I didn’t fully plan for this blog to be about art and literature (culture?), home-made or otherwise, but that is the direction it will take. So now I embrace my mission with a new sense of purpose and a sense of place. The next goal is to improve the look of the page with better formatting, colours, etc. I keep learning as I go.

This is but a brief interlude. I've been brainstorming an idea for a street festival. More on that next week. This week is concentrated brainstorming time.

So to keep it easy on myself as I learn to make the blog look better, brainstorm and in honour of a new sense of place, I am posting some pictures and two poems I wrote. The photos were taken by my son during an afternoon walk together,and of course, Mom could not resist fiddling with them. The poems are current ones. The first poem is from our walk along the waterfront and the second inspired by Langlois’ girlfriend who I met at the “Fatty Acid” show.

Beyond these islands lies another world
someone's world

my world lies here
where my soles and soul dwell
laced, rooted, anchored

son at my side
sun on my shoulder

For Sam,

The lovely young muse with the funky pink shoes.

We exchanged names
“Nice to meet you,” we said.
Awkward silence
Then someone said something which lead to something else.
A laugh
More talk
“What was your name again?”

We exchanged names
“Nice to meet you,” we said.
For real this time


  1. This is seriously awesome. Missions, goals, ambitions! Love it.

  2. Thank you so much! Glad you enjoy it!